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Client: DEY® LP
Product: DuoNeb®


The DEY sales and marketing team was scouting for a new tactic that would capture the attention of physicians and open doors to hard-to-see and no-see physicians. DuoNeb® Inhalation Solution, a bronchodilator, had already been on the market for five years and faced fierce competition.


HealthInfo Direct advocated a one-of-a-kind tactic: its proprietary Medical School Classmates program. HealthInfo compiled personalized lists of medical school classmates for each targeted physician by directly accessing the American Medical Association database. Each list was secured in a custom-designed sales folder, conveying the DuoNeb® brand message.


The campaign successfully mobilized the sales force, breaking through physician barriers, sparking dialogue, and championing the DuoNeb® brand. Post-marketing analysis revealed that approximately 62% of sales representatives rated the program an 8, 9, or 10 on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). Moreover, 90% reported that the program gave them access to hard-to-see or no-see physicians. These sales representatives stated that the Medical School Classmates generated a positive rapport and aided them in their struggle to tell physicians about DuoNeb®.


Our experience, data, and services can help your direct marketing efforts rise above the clamor of competitors. One of our proprietary marketing services that resonates with physicians is Medical School Classmates™.


The Medical School Classmates program features a list of the names and addresses of physicians’ medical school classmates tucked into a custom-designed folder with your brand’s messaging. HealthInfo Direct has direct access to this information through its data division, an AMA database licensee.

Medical School Classmates is a powerful marketing tool with a proven track record of success and flexible applications that provide opportunities to present the brand’s features and benefits:

Annual Conferences:

Generate excitement, increase booth traffic, and talk with physicians about your brand while printing their Medical School Classmates list from a laptop loaded with the latest AMA data.

Rep Delivery:

Open doors to hard-to-see physicians and strengthen rapport with existing physicians with a Medical School Classmates program that is segmented by territory.

Direct Mail:

Implement Medical School Classmates in vacant territories using direct mail.


Unlocks doors to hard-to-see physicians
Creates personal touchpoints and builds rapport
 Heightens physician interest and enthusiasm
Stimulates dialogue and fuels brand mindshare