Hi, there!

My name is Rob. I've spent most of the last twenty years bridging creative communication and advanced technology. I began as a radio and print journalist, and a writer for film, as well as managing the production of several books, magazines, and periodicals. When personal computers entered the marketplace, I saw the future of communication changing and started designing and programming on Windows, Linux/Unix and Macintosh systems. As online technologies began to have more impact on the way people interact with organizations and shape opinions, I put my expertise behind "new media" development, network engineering and server administration to impact the communications process.

Today, most of my work is in creative direction; brand development; and strategy for marketing, advertising and PR. I also have a strong IT background, helping small and mid-sized businesses strategically improve their technical infrastructure.

Print Work

I've done creative for branding and identity; PR; retail product and packaging; and consumer and trade advertising.

Web Work

I'm a LAMP-stack PHP developer, with years and years spent on HTML, Javascript and CSS. I can also get along in Perl, ASP and a handful of other scripting languages. I've bonded with jQuery and Zend, and lately I've spent a little time with CodeIgniter and PastryKit.

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